6 Ways to Add Graphing to Any Lesson Plan

When you think about graphs and graphing, you think about math class and IEP data. But there are many ways you can bring this math skill into your other lessons and activities.

In today’s post, we will talk about the types of graphs and then 6 different ways you can add a graphing element into any of your lessons.

Types of Graphs

Graphs are a visual representation of data. We use graphs to show the connection between two or more things. Graphs help us collect and organize data in a more understandable way.

When it comes to graphs, there are different ways to graph data… and there are different types of graphs. Here are 4 common graphs students in elementary classrooms will need to know:

  • Bar graph
  • Pie chart
  • Pictograph
  • Line graph

Graphing Activities for Any Lesson

1. Class Graph

Graph student answers, responses, or preferences in different types of charts. You can do this easily with mini quizzes or assessments using websites like Kahoot.

2. Analyzing Results

Have students practice analyzing data to see what it means and where to go next. This could be done in a history lesson or in a math lesson… or even in choosing the next IEP goal.

You could also analyze why a solution is incorrect or why it won’t work, kind of like working backwards.

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3. Interpreting Data

This aligns along with analyzing data, but having students interpret data and describe what the data means. Put the numbers and graphs into words, writing about it.

4. Comparison

Have students graph information to compare and contrast two or more things. This could be a book to another book, a book to a movie, an artist drawing to a soundtrack, solving an addition sequence and solving a subtraction sequence… so many ways to add comparison to your lessons.

5. Graphic Organizers

Learn all about how and why to use graphic organizers in this post.

6. Anchor Charts

Have students create their own anchor charts to finish out a lesson or you can create anchor charts as a class. Learn more about using anchor charts here.

How do you use graphs and charts outside of math lessons? Share your ideas with us in the comments below!




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