At Home Lamination Hacks for Teachers

Having a laminator at home is kind of like a right of passage for teachers these days. They are inexpensive and allow us to work from the comfort of our own homes (plus it’s super simple to use!).

These lamination hacks for teachers will give you the opportunity to laminate larger items at home and more!

Because I know you’re so stinkin’ excited like me, let’s get started with the 5 lamination hacks I want to share with you.

Before you can laminate at home, you need a laminator. Now I am partial to the Scotch brand of laminators and pouches, but you can purchase any that you’d like. I’ve linked a few of my favorites below:

Supplies Needed:

You can also download a printable, clickable PDF supply list here.

If you’d like to watch instead of read to learn about the lamination hacks for teachers, you can watch this video replay:


If you are more of a cut, laminate, cut person (unlike myself), then you will enjoy this hack!

Have ever tried to cut out smaller pieces of anything and then try to laminate them in a pouch, yet have them get all scrambled or move on you mid-lamination… and ruin the whole thing?

I’ll take that head nod as a yes!

lamination hack: add glue to the back of pieces so they don't move in the pouch

All you need is a glue stick for this lamination hack.

Add a dot of glue stick glue to the back of whatever you are trying to laminate…

…then lay it in the pouch.

Arrange your pieces in any order you’d like, then send through the laminator and you’ll find that they all stay in place!

You can find the visual schedule icons here.


Have you ever had something that was too big for a lamination pouch… even the larger ones? And by too big I mean really, really, really long.

This is a hack that I learned from @teachinglifelonglearners on Instagram and it completely blew my mind.

When you laminate at home, the pouches always have a sealed end and an open end. To make this lamination hack work, you have to cut off the sealed portion of the one end of the pouch.

Then take a tiny piece of tape and tape your two lamination pouches together. I like to overlap them just a little bit so they really seal. Then run it through your laminator like normal!

It’s seriously mind blowing that you can now laminate all of your really long resources for your classroom. It’s gives us so much more flexibility with what we can laminate at home now!

You can find this free flippable schedule template in the Resource Library here (shown in the picture above).

You can also use this lamination hack to laminate words for bulletin boards or displays… I mean, seriously! I taped three pouches together to get the “Today is…” for our calendar board ready to use! #mindblown

Today is…” (as pictured above) is from the Interactive Calendar Routine. You can find it here.


This hack goes along with the lamination hack #2, but just a little different. Let me paint a scenario for you.

You’re prepping writing prompts for the month and you have about 20 pages you need laminated, but you also need to do XYZ. And to laminate at home, you have to feed each individual lamination pouch into the laminator. It’s time consuming!

So save yourself some time. Just like you taped two pouches together in hack #2, you’ll do the same thing with this hack – EXCEPT – you won’t cut the seal off of any pouches.

No need to overlap the pouches, just tape them together and you’re good to go. The tape will come right off once they’re laminated too.

TIP * I don’t recommend taping too many pouches together (no more than 5!)… unless you have a really, really long hallway or room where you can let it run through, HA!

Screenshot 2023 05 10 at 10.54.50 AM


In lamination hack #3, I mentioned how teachers are always strapped for time. We are always looking for ways to add even just a minute of time to our day to allow us to do something else.

This lamination hack for teachers is about to save you a lot of minutes.

Use multiple laminators at once!

I have been known to have 4 or 5 Scotch Thermal Laminators running at once… I know!… and it truly saves me so much time. I can laminate multiple things at once and save myself at least one minute per pouch by just starting up another laminator.

For about $20 a laminator at Target or Walmart, it’s 110% worth the purchase to save myself time. Those extra minutes I am saving myself allow me to do more teacher self care, do less school work at home, have more time with my family… it’s worth it to me.

Your time is valuable. Grab that second laminator!


Dry erase boards are expensive and not all schools provide the smaller dry erase boards for individual student use. It can be costly… until now!

Grab some blank paper… I prefer sheets of Astrobrights cardstock (you can color code!)… put them in a lamination pouch, laminate and voila!

Use the laminated paper as dry erase boards.

I have found that EXPO brand markers work best and erase better than others. To erase the marker from the pouch, I use magic erasers.


I can’t believe I forgot to share these two simple hacks with you! You can learn how to laminate stickers with Hack #6 here, and then learn how to use laminated alphabet stickers with Hack #7 here.

Don’t forget to grab your free supply list PDF that let’s you shop right from the PDF to grab the supplies you need, with none of the extra fluff.

What lamination hacks for teachers can you share with us? Let us know in the comments!

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