Lamination Hack #6: Laminating Stickers for Classroom Use

Laminating stickers is a game changing hack, especially for token boards and creating personalized math counters from characters students love and respond well to.

Plus, stickers can be purchased anywhere… and in just about every topic, subject, and student-beloved character.

I first shared this lamination hack in Summer 2019 on IG and you can find that original post here.

To get started, you’ll need all of the supplies. Then we can dig deep into the how and, well… how to use them!

Supply list:

• Stickers – you can purchase them anywhere!
Laminator and pouches
Velcro dots | Velcro strips
FREE Token Board
Colored paper

The best way to tell you about this lamination hack for laminating stickers is to watch.

Now don’t worry if your sound isn’t working or you would rather read – this is an Instagram Story replay. That means it has text to recap what I’m saying for each part of the video!

Video replay recap:

  1. Use stickers that are flat, not scrapbook stickers. Scrapbook stickers are the puffy, multi-layer stickers. They won’t work well for this lamination hack.
  2. Place stickers inside the lamination pouch and laminate like normal. (Tip: I recommend using a small laminator and not your school’s laminator)
  3. Add velcro dots to the back of each laminated sticker before cutting out.
  4. Store extra laminated stickers in baggies, either in student labeled baggies or in one bigger baggie.

Classroom uses:

You can use your newly laminated stickers:

• as math counters
• for student incentives
• on token boards
• to create story and/or character scenes (think communication IEP goals, writing, retelling)
• and so much more!

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If you loved this lamination hack, you’ll for sure love lamination hack #7how to use laminated alphabet stickers in the classroom!

Have you ever laminated stickers for classroom use? How will you be using this lamination hack in your classroom? Tell us in the comments below!




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