15 Children’s Books for the Month of June

If you’re one of the lucky ones who gets to teach during the month of June, whether the end of a school year, summer school, or ESY, here are some of my favorite books to read with students during the month of June!

Read about topics/themes that are recognized in June and encourage reading for enjoyment with these fun titles for kindergarten-3rd grade students. Read about Flag Day, camping, and so much more on this booklist for June.

June booklist for special education and elementary classes


These books are both fiction and nonfiction, silly and serious! Most would make great read-aloud books, but some lend themselves to independent reading or educational projects.

June Books about Flag Day

  • F is for Flag is a simple picture book for young children about the flag. It explains to children the importance of our flag and what is means as a national symbol.
  • The Flag We Love is a tribute to the American flag. The authors share historic facts and encourage children to have respect and understand why the flag is so important.
  • Our Pledge, Our Promise explains the pledge of allegiance in simple form for elementary children. It breaks down each line and has bright pictures to help keep children engaged.
  • American Symbols is a nonfiction title that shares about many of the American symbols and facts about them. I like this book to share with children all the important symbols and what they mean for Americans.
  • This is My Flag is a fun book that shares facts about the flag. It even has quiz questions in the back about the United States. It is a fun way to learn about our country.
June booklist for special education and elementary classes

5 June Books

  • The Longest Day is a book about celebrating the summer solstice. It shares the history behind the summer solstice and why we need to have it.
  • The Solstice Badger is a folktale about how the sun shone all day, every day but he began to get lonely. So, the badger tried to befriend the sun but it was too hot. The sun finds a friend and stays away too long and soon realizes that everyone needs him to shine.
  • And Then Comes Summer is a cute book about the anticipation of summer and long hot days, no school, and cool ice cream! Kids will love reading this book and thinking about all the things they can do this summer.
  • The Night Before Summer Vacation is another book in The Night Before Series and kids love these. The family is packing to go on vacation but, things just aren’t right. Read the story to see what happens!
  • The Night Before Summer Camp is a great option to read if you have a child that is a little nervous about leaving a camp. It reassures children of the fun they will have and the friends they will make.
June booklist for special education and elementary classes

5 Books About Camping

Did you know that National Camping Month is celebrated in June? I have rounded up a few books about camping that may be fun to share whether you camp or not.

  • The Little Book of Camping is an educational book that shares information about camping. It is for ages 2-12 and shares with them ideas and activities to have a great camping trip that is safe.
  • Curious George Goes Camping is a silly tale about George the monkey going camping. Everyone knows that George is too curious and that seems to get him into trouble. Read the story to see the mischief that George gets into.
  • Camping Activity Book for Kids is a great read for over 30 ideas of activities to do while camping. Get your children active and engaged with these fun, kid-friendly ideas.
  • America’s National Parks is a nonfiction book for older children that shares information about some of America’s National Parks. It shares information and pictures of over 60 parks!
  • Goodnight, Campsite is a book that shares about more than tent camping. It talks about RV’s, campers, and so much more! Join campers as they explore the park and then enjoy the evenings under the stars.
June booklist for special education and elementary classes

Books About Ice Cream

  • Curious About Ice Cream is a nonfiction book about ice cream. It shares facts about how it is made, where it came from, and how much everyone eats a year.
  • Milk to Ice Cream is another nonfiction option for young children about how to make ice cream and the steps that have to happen to get this delicious treat!
  • Ice Cream: The Full Scoop is a fun book about all things ice cream! Learn about how it started, when it spread in popularity, and when other ice cream accessories became popular.
  • Make Your Own Ice Cream Sundae is a cute book for children to read about sundaes and create their own with the included stickers.
  • War at the Ice Cream Store is a silly book that will make kids laugh! It is full of silly puns and lots of imagination; your kids will love seeing who wins the ice cream war.
June booklist for special education and elementary classes

Do you have any good June books that you read in your classroom or at home? Please drop a comment below with the titles for me!

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