Jobs You Can Have With a Teaching Degree (Outside of the Traditional Classroom)

When you go to college, they never really tell you how hard it can be to find a teaching position (in some states), and the politics of teaching aren’t discovered until you have your own classroom.

And with the educational pendulum so far to one side, lack of support, parent demands, the never-ending-paperwork, little to no curriculum, large class sizes… let’s be real, it’s no secret that many teachers are leaving the profession altogether.

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But the kids are why we do what we do. The kids are our why. The kids make all of the hardships worth it. That will never change.

And for some of us, being an educator is what we feel we were meant to do. We were put on this Earth to be a teacher. That, also, will never change.

We don’t want to give up being a teacher, but the demands of the traditional classroom are breaking us. Myself included, as I’ve publicly documented my struggles with teacher anxiety and how I left my Texas classroom mid-year.

As educators and professionals with degrees (many of us with multiple certifications, Master’s Degrees and PhD’s) we have so many more options than what society leads us to believe.

In this blog post, I am going to outline a few options you have as a special education teacher (outside of the traditional classroom setting), given the skills you possess as an educator.

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You’re a teacher! That should be a skill in itself… a drop down menu option on online applications… “What skills do you possess?” … #teacher

Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as a drop down menu to list out all of the superhero skills you have. But here are a few that you do have (and feel free to use these on your resume!):

  • desire and ability to work with children
  • enthusiasm for educating others
  • ability to differentiate instruction to meet the needs of multiple learners within one lesson
  • patience
  • ability to manage and supervise staff and students (in and across multiple settings)
  • team player, but able to work independently
  • ability to multi-task
  • ability to follow directions and rules / laws
  • ability to speak and write clearly
  • respectful and ability to develop rapport with students, staff, admin, and parents
  • sense of humor
  • confident and committed
  • flexibility and adaptable to change
  • strong imagination and creativity
  • love of learning
  • problem solver and decision maker
  • data collector and analyzer
  • ability to maintain confidentiality
  • organized
  • ability to manage time efficiently and effectively
  • ability to incorporate technology into lessons and everyday learning
  • Other abilities: consulting, training, instructing, advising, mentoring, critical thinking, assessing, monitoring, analyzing, evaluating, grading, planning.

TIP * if the time comes where you are updating your resume for a new job in education, but outside of the traditional classroom and you need more skills, I recommend looking at job postings for the position(s) you want and using those associated skills as strengths (if you have them; don’t lie or stretch the truth!).

teacher Skills + jobs

Printable lists of teacher skills to put on your next resume and lists jobs teachers can have outside of the traditional classroom setting.

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    These are jobs that will keep you within the field of education, but don’t necessarily look like the traditional classroom teacher. And I’ll break them down into two categories, online jobs and conventional jobs.


    • Private Tutor
    • Private Homeschool Teacher
    • Educational Sales Rep
    • Admissions Consultant
    • Day Care
    • Nanny
    • College Professor
    • College Academic Advisor
    • Youth Organizations / Camps
    • Corporate Trainer
    • Education Consultant
    • Financial Aid Counselor / Director
    • Advocate
    • Curriculum Specialist
    • Social Services Manager
    • Instructional Coordinator
    • Vocational / Technical Teacher
    • Rehabilitation Counselor
    • Coach
    • Educating prisoners
    • Adult GED Course Teacher
    • Educational Nonprofits
    • Child Life Specialist
    • Paraprofessional
    • Substitute Teacher
    • Librarian / Library Consultant
    • Media Center Specialist
    • Interpreter / Translator
    • Education Product Company
    • Student Teaching Supervisor (through a college/university)
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    • TeachersPayTeachers Author + Creator (see my shop here)
    • Teach ESL Students Online
    • Social Media Manager for Educational Companies
    • Online Test Scorer (for example, through ETS)
    • Standardized Test Developer
    • Online Professor
    • Educational Consultant
    • Educational Technology Content Writer (Digital Learning)
    • Virtual Assistant
    • Sell Products (MLM and non-MLM companies)
    • Writer
    • Proofreader
    • Educational Mentor
    • Advocate

    *Some jobs listed may require additional training and/or degrees.

    My biggest piece of advice when you begin looking outside of the traditional classroom setting for something new is to keep an open mind. Use your powerful, honed-in skill sets to re-light the teacher fire within your soul.

    To find job openings in your area or online in any of these fields, I recommend utilizing Google Search to find the right path for you.

    A list of job options you have as a special education teacher (outside of the traditional classroom setting), given the skills you possess as an educator. Learn more at Mrs. D's Corner.

    Do you have any jobs that you would add to this list?




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