Jobs Students Can Have at School

Students thrive when presented with opportunities to grow and take responsibility for jobs in school. While classroom jobs are always an excellent option for helping them develop those skills, there are also jobs students can have at school that benefit the entire building. Finding ones that fit with your school’s vision and available resources is key.

We asked the fantastic teachers in Mrs. D’s VIPs, our inclusive Facebook group, what jobs they recommend for students. They shared their ideas, as well as their success stories and challenges.

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The Best Jobs for Students at School

Let Them Eat Cake!

Cake, cookies, muffins, easy breakfasts, grilled cheese sandwiches, and other food items are all in the mix for things that students can be taught to make and sell during the school day.

A well-organized and well-run mini-food station can bring in needed funds for activities while also giving students a chance to learn to cook, budget, and more.

If an ongoing food station is not an option, consider doing a food fundraiser by cooking for the staff once a month or hosting a homemade pizza night for families. The possibilities are endless!

Mail Room

Let students assist with in-school mail sorting and delivery. Everything from distributing copies of fliers to classrooms to running messages from the offices to teachers could be an option. It gives students practice with a multitude of skills and gets them up and moving.

Holiday Shop

Students need to buy gifts for family members, and an in-school holiday shop is a great place to get them. Have your students organize, source supplies (with help, of course!), and run a school-wide holiday shop before school and during lunch periods. It gives them great practice at everything from managing money and budgeting to interpersonal skills.

Health Suite Helper

For those students who may be interested in taking on a position in the medical field one day, consider having a relationship with the school nurse who “hires” them to help with small tasks. Restocking band-aids and making bags of ice are simple tasks, but they can be time-consuming for a busy nurse’s office. A student worker could be a huge help!

Recycling Assistant

Put students in charge of collecting recycling in the school! Provide them with large wheeled cans that they can bring from class to class each day or week to collect the materials that need to be recycled. Have them go in pairs or teams of three so that there can be cans for different things – paper, cans, cardboard, etc.

Copy Center Helpers

Copying is time-consuming – even if you have a full or part-time copy person at your school. Student helpers can assist with organizing and distributing copy jobs so that work gets back to teachers quickly.

Library Book Collectors

Like the recycling assistants, library book collectors are charged with going to each classroom to pick up library books that need to be returned. As this job can get heavy, it is best to provide students with a cart to transport the books!

What are some of your favorite school jobs for students? Share your ideas below or visit our Facebook group and participate in the discussion!


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