5 Interactive Board Options for Special Education Classrooms

Technology is here to stay and that means that special education classrooms have to be adapted to fit the times. One of the most important things to include in the space? An interactive board that can be used by teachers and students alike.

Interactive Board Options for the Special Ed Classroom

As with all things technology-related, there are a wide range of interactive board options that can be used. It all comes down to what will work best for your students within the price point that you have to spend.

If you’re having trouble deciding which one to get, below are five board options that are teacher-tested and approved!

Special Ed Classroom Interactive Board Options

1 – Promethean Boards

Promethean Boards may be the most well-known interactive board options for the classroom. Their ActivPanels come in two different versions in a total of four different sizes to meet the space needs of just about any classroom. They have in-depth training and support for using the boards so that teachers can learn all of the tricks for getting the most from their interactive boards. They can range anywhere from $2,000 to over $11,000 per board.

2 – SMART MX275 Boards

The SMART MX275 interactive board is a great option for schools on a budget. They are a basic option that provide interactive capabilities without the bells and whistles that some of the other boards might include. They do offer a knowledge base for troubleshooting and have a community page to crowdsource answers to common issues. The price range is typically $5,000-$6,000 per board.

3 – ViewBoards

ViewBoards are made by ViewSonic. They work well with Android, Windows, and Chrome-based programs to provide interactive opportunities for teachers and students in the classroom. ViewSonic has professional development and training available for teachers to learn how to get the most from their interactive boards. ViewBoards are typically priced between $1200 and $9000 per board depending on the style and size of the board.

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4 – NewLine Touch Panels

NewLine has a variety of touch panels for the classroom that can accommodate a wide range of school district budgets. They come in a range of sizes and capabilities so that teachers can get just what they need for their classrooms. With extensive training on how to use the interactive boards, NewLine panels are consistently a teacher favorite. They range from $2,000 to over $5,000 per board.

5 – Jamboard

The Jamboard Interactive Board is a Google-based product that works with the Jamboard platform. For schools looking for a variety of different sizes, Jamboard may not be the best option as it comes in only a 55-inch size. Since it is designed to work with the Jamboard platform, it would be wise for schools to evaluate whether it will serve all of their needs. It is priced at about $5,000 per board which puts it in the mid-range for interactive board prices.

With so many different interactive board options, it is important for schools to look at the pros and cons of each and decide which one will serve their population and staff the best.

Which interactive board does your school use? Do you love it or wish they’d replace it? Leave a comment and let us know!




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