How to Use IEP Snapshots

An IEP Snapshot, or also called an IEP at a Glance, is a one page, quick glance at what a child’s IEP says.

Many IEP writing systems will produce this document for you, but they aren’t always thorough or easy to read.

That’s why when I taught 5th grade resource at a charter school, I created my own IEP Snapshot. You can grab the freebie here.

Why Should You Use IEP Snapshots

This in-depth IEP Snapshot / IEP at a Glance data sheet is perfect for keeping track of your students’ IEP information, without having to lug around each student’s IEP folder.

They are also fantastic to give to general education teachers. Read more about that here.

Shayna says: “Great resource to quickly review the high points of a students IEP for when tracking goals or even when writing new goals. One sheet is so much easier to look at and work with then a bunch.”

Carrie says: “This helped my students take ownership with support of their goals for the older students and helped communicate with the gen ed teachers of the younger students.”

Marcia says: “This form allowed me to see a snapshot of each student’s needs. Saved time from flipping through each IEP when information was needed quickly.”


You can grab the free, not editable IEP snapshot here.

Looking for an editable IEP snapshot that you can customize to fit your needs? You’ll like this editable IEP at a glance, that also comes with an editable student profile sheet.

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Do you use IEP snapshots? Tell us in the comments below!




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