How to Use IEP Folder Snapshots and Audit Forms

An IEP Folder Snapshot, also known as an IEP Audit Form, is perfect for keeping track of what is inside a student’s IEP folder, cumulative folder, or audit file, without having to sift through all of the paperwork inside the folder.

Many times, this is a data form used during an audit or in preparation for an audit – but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it year round to keep your paperwork organized and in order.

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What is an IEP Folder Snapshot / IEP Audit Form?

An IEP Folder Snapshot, or IEP Audit Form, is to be used on a student’s folder and is meant to show you a quick glance at what is inside the child’s IEP folder without having to open it up and sift through tons of papers to find the one date or piece of data you need.

There are two different ways to make this audit form work for you, in a full sheet or half sheet.

The full sheet can be stapled or glued to a file folder. You can laminate the folder and use a dry erase marker or permanent marker on the lamination, then use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to clean it and reuse as needed. You could also laminate the audit form, then staple to the front.

Personally, I prefer the half sheet.

How is an IEP folder snapshot different from an IEP snapshot?

IEP folder snapshots are used for a student’s IEP folder, and IEP snapshots are used to summarize a child’s IEP. They have two separate duties and both are very beneficial in keeping you organized as a special education teacher.

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Even a student profile sheet is just a tad different than an IEP snapshot. They all serve different purposes:

  1. IEP Snapshot / IEP at a Glance – a one page look at a child’s IEP and is a great way to give general education teachers the necessary information about any IEPs or 504s they may have in their classroom.
  2. Student Profile – this can be used in conjunction with the IEP at a Glance, and printed on the back of the IEP snapshot if you’d like. It provides a more general overview of the student.
  3. Audit Form / IEP Folder Snapshot – generally used at audit time, but can be used year round and year after year to keep all of the paperwork organized.

Have you ever used an IEP Folder Snapshot, or Audit Form, to keep your IEP paperwork organized? Share in the comments below!

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