Fonts for Special Education Teachers

Teachers know all too well how much fun it is to pick out fonts for a lesson you are creating… yet how difficult it is to find one that students can independently read and understand.

Special education teachers? We know more of the latter…

When the “h” looks so much like an “n” that your student with Autism then refuses to read because that IS an “n” no matter what you say.

While incidences like this are what makes our job so different day to day and absolutely worth it, after that happens once or twice, you stop thinking so much about making it “cute” and more about making it functional.

But finding these fonts can be difficult. As a self-declared “font snob” I have downloaded my fair share of what seemed to be great fonts for my special needs classroom, until the aforementioned “it’s not an h” incident occurs and brings me back to square 1.

So to help you, I am sharing my list of go to fonts for creating resources for my classroom.

*NOTE: This list was updated on July 28, 2017. Some of the fonts in the original post are no longer available and have been removed from this post.

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