Earth Day Crafts and Activities For Any Classroom

Planet Earth is the only home we’ve got, and we love celebrating her in our classroom.

While there is so much opportunity to bring hands-on Earth Day crafts and activities into your classroom in honor of the holiday, you can teach your students the importance of caring for our planet at any time! 

Here are 15 Earth Day crafts, science experiments, and recipes your students will have a blast with! 

Earth Day Crafts

Practice the concept of upcycling with these Upcycled Plastic Suncatchers from Books and Giggles. You’ll need to start collecting plastic berry containers ahead of time, so plan ahead with this craft! This is a fabulous way to get family’s involved by requesting they send in their recyclable plastics. 

Roundup old newspaper and create these bulletin board worthy Puffy Newspaper Trees. This process art activity can be broken into steps and will carry your art plans through the week! 

Students can get creative with this Earth Day Collage! Work those fine motor IEP goals into this by having students rip or tear the magazine strips that make up this fun craft. 

Here’s another fine motor craft! Students use a single-hole punch to create this fun and festive Confetti Planet Earth. And you guessed it- you’ll need recycled cardboard for this one. 

Get your class excited with this Shaving Cream Earth craft that doubles as a fun sensory activity. These are blue-tiful! Just be sure you have smocks on hand. 

Earth Day Science Experiments

Students can learn what it takes to save the whales with this Hands-On Oil Spill Experiment. They’ll explore concepts such as density and pollution with this interactive experiment. 

This fun seed bomb activity helps students give back to the environment. Our April Lesson Plan Pack includes the instructions for this and other exciting April-themed crafts and activities. 

Orbeez aren’t just for sensory play! Bring plants into the classroom and grow your own with this Wheatgrass on Water Beads experiment. Fun! 

Discover the desert life and build a desert biome with this tutorial from our friends at Steamsational. This activity uses natural earth materials, and the result is a great take-home project. 

This Easy Baking Soda and Vinegar Volcano is simple to make and shows kids how these magnificent landforms erupt!

Earth Day Recipes

Get cooking in the classroom with these Earth Day recipes! If your students are new to cooking, you may want to introduce them by reviewing basic kitchen tools with this task box set.

Everyone loves a classic cup of dirt. With a combination of crunchy Oreos and ooey-gooey gummy works, can you really go wrong with this recipe

Whip up mini planets that will be fun to eat with Earth Day Toasts! If you have cream cheese lovers in your class, this recipe is for them! 

Students can get creative with this sweet Earth Day Fruit Plate that is nutrient-dense and oh-so-delicious! 

Celebrate even the world’s smallest creatures with this Easy Ants on a Log Recipe. Are you worried about peanut allergies? Swap the PB out for sun or almond butter. 

Make these Earth Day Popsicles using frozen yogurt and colorful fruit for a sweet school-day treat. 

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What are some of your favorite Earth Day crafts and activities? Tell us in the comments!




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