Digital Learning in Special Ed

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic currently throwing all of us in education for an unplanned loop (and the rest of the world), as educators we are naturally born ready to handle whatever is thrown at us.

In the VIP Facebook Group, we’ve been talking about distance learning, online learning, distance education, digital learning… it has a lot of names, but basically it means no school and your students are learning from home right now.

While distance education or e-learning may not be a current occurrence for you and your students, this is a very real thing taking educators through yet another loop we didn’t plan for. And tele-learning can look a lot of different ways, so I wanted to share a few ideas for digital learning.

During this time, as adults we are stressed out… but we also need to take a step back and remember to keep our students informed as well. This All About COVID-19 Adapted Book is free in the Resource Library, or here on TpT.

When it comes time to prepare work for students to complete at home, you have to think of all of your students. Digital learning resources are the easiest way to provide work for your students. But remember that not all students have access to technology or reliable WiFi at home, so don’t forget to send some simple print-and-go packets home too.

Digital Learning Resources

Digital Adapted Work Binders – works on any device that has initial access to the Internet and Google Slides. Activities can be made available offline after added to a device’s Google Drive.

Find all Digital Adapted Work Binders here. Grab a free dAWB to try out in this blog post.

Find over 100+ digital resources here.

No Prep and Low Prep

Adapted Work Binders® – workpages from AWBs can easily be printed and sent home as cut/paste activities. Find them all here.

Reading A-Z – send printable leveled readers home with students. Easily print lesson plans for parents and coordinating worksheets home with each reader.

Reading Toolkits – learn more in this blog post.

Book Companions – encourage parents to read with their children at home during this e-learning time. Book companions are a great print-and-go digital learning resource and exercise for parents to do with their children.

Visual Recipes – cooking in the… home! Cooking lessons are cross-curricular and something engaging and fun parents can do with their children at home. Plus, they have a snack to eat when they finish the lesson! Find all visual recipes here.

Scholastic News

Unique Learning System

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Free Websites for Home/School






Teach Your Monster to Read

When it comes to your students, you know what is best for their education and educational growth during this period of possible digital learning. Blend the strategies that you know work best for each of your students.

What digital learning resources or websites do you recommend? Leave your favorites in the comments so we can keep the list growing.

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