Mooseltoe ( Books Teachers Love )

December read alouds are a super close second to October children’s books for me, and they make up the largest section in my classroom library.
I can never say no to a good holiday book.
December Read Aloud for Books Teachers Love, featuring Mooseltoe
In all honesty, I didn’t know about this book until last winter, but it quickly became one of my favorites.
It leads into math and art, great for fine motor practice and so many other great lessons to keep students engaged and having fun with learning during the month of December.
December Read Aloud for Books Teachers Love, featuring Mooseltoe
One of my favorite December read aloud is Mooseltoe by Margie Palatini.
The moose father is planning out the holiday, but isn’t able to find a tree last minute… which makes for a great predicting lesson for the kids.
December Read Aloud for Books Teachers Love, featuring Mooseltoe

His moose-stache is just too adorable!

December Read Aloud for Books Teachers Love, featuring Mooseltoe

You can grab this book here*:

how I use it

Before reading the story first, I kind of set the stage with a fun 120-chart activity.


This activity comes with a pre-timed powerpoint, but I just printed the slides 6 to a page and cut them out to use as task cards.

This allowed me to create a center for this activity.

120 hundreds chart activity to set the tone for reading Mooseltoe as a december read aloud

It worked really well and once my students realized that we were getting ready to read Mooseltoe, they got so excited!

Once each student has completed the 120 chart activity, I will read the book to the class.

Then we complete this fun craftivity to work on our fine motor and following direction skills.


I saw this finished activity in the first grade hallway last school year and just had to add it to my toolbox this holiday season.

This resource includes the pattern you need to create the craftivity, as well as a picture step-by-step guide to putting your creativity together (which is super helpful for visual learners).

Mooseltoe craft is perfect for the december read aloud.

He turns out REALLY big! You could easily print the trace-able pattern pages to 50% of the original size to save paper and wall space on your bulletin board.

I might have my students add on a writing response sheet to incorporate writing into this math, turned reading activity. Triple threat, my friends!


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