Data Collection Shortcuts That Save Teachers Time

Teachers are always crunched for time, that’s no secret.

And we have a lot of paperwork, that’s another not so secret secret.

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So any little tips or tricks we can pick up along the way to help us save a few minutes are like gold in our book.

Today I am going to share with you some data collection shortcuts. You’ll no longer need to write out “hand over hand” when conducting data collection trials. 😉

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General use data shortcuts:

I- independent

SC – self corrected

VP – verbal prompt

IV – indirect verbal

DV – direct verbal

G – gestural prompt

M – model needed

PV – picture visual

VC – visual cue

IP – indirect prompt

PP – partial physical prompt

FP – full physical prompt / HOH – hand over hand prompt

RR – reduced responses (can follow with a number to share how many responses the student had to choose from)

OA – oral administration

NR – no response

TP – teacher prompt

WA – with assistance

AP – accommodations provided

MDP / MP – modifications provided

ASL / SL – sign language used

+ successful trial

– unsuccessful trial

SM / circled M – skill mastery

TM – target met

TNM – target not met

When it comes to behavior data shortcuts, try these:

S – sleeping

NF – not focused on task

PA – physically aggressive

VA – verbally aggressive

RP – restrictive procedure

PD – property damage

SIB – self injurious behavior

L – loud vocals / inappropriate vocals

IB – inappropriate behavior

You can grab a FREE printable version of these data shortcuts in the Resource Library, labeled “data shortcuts”.

Add this free PDF printable to your teacher binder, para binders, sub binders, or each center/station in your classroom for adult reference.

What data collection shortcuts do you use in your classroom? Share them with us in the comments below!

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