Classroom Jobs for Students in Special Ed

Class jobs give students responsibilities in the classroom that make them feel more included. Non-traditional class jobs are perfect for students who need practice in certain areas or who have an affinity for particular types of tasks.

We asked veteran teachers what some of their favorite class jobs for special ed students have been over the years. They came up with a lot of great ideas!

See their responses in the post in Mrs. D’s VIPs Facebook Group or summarized below. If you’re not a group member yet, we would love to have you join us!

The Best Class Jobs for Special Ed

1. Sorting Papers

Assign students to sort papers by name, the color of paper, or number. Have them sort and then file in labeled file folders or clip them with a paper clip.

2. Envelope Addressing

Have a job for students to address envelopes to families. Use pre-printed address labels (or labels with just names) and return address labels with your name and classroom. Your student helper can address the envelopes that will be used to send home special notices or letters to parents throughout the year.

You might like these Addressing an Envelope activities. There’s also a free one in the Resource Library.

3. Supply Inventory

Create a job where students are responsible for checking the inventory of a class supply. Pencils, crayons, markers, etc. are all great for counting. If a supply is running low, have the student put in an “order” with the teacher for additional supplies.

4. Hole Punching

Have students hole punch notecards with a hand-held hole punch for future task card creation. It helps them practice and develop hand strength while also helping you prepare for future projects.

5. Shred Paper

If your students are responsible enough to use a paper shredder, have them shred paper for recycling or craft projects throughout the year.

6. Table Cleaner

Provide baby wipes for students to clean the tables around the room. This practical job helps keep the tabletops clean and also gives students practice with a useful life skill.

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7. Pencil Sharpener

Assign a student to be the week’s pencil sharpener. They collect the pencils at the end of the day and sharpen them for the next morning. Emphasize how they are contributing to other students’ success by providing them with writing utensils that work.

8. Classroom Plant Tender

If you have plants in your classroom, one job can be to water them throughout the week. Teach students how to check if the plants need water and how much to give them though, or your plants may not last long!

9. White Board Cleaner

Create a job for a student to be in charge of cleaning the whiteboard at the end of the day. If there are things that you do not want to be erased, draw a box around them or use bulletin board borders to section off that area.

10. Sweeping

A dustpan and broom are all that are required for this job! Students can take turns sweeping the classroom floor at the end of the school day to get it ready for the next morning. A Swiffer or Swiffer mop is another alternative!

11.  Attendance Clerk

Assign one student to take attendance and record who is in school. If visual cues are needed, take pictures of each student and add them to an attendance board. Have the helper place or remove each student’s picture to indicate attendance.

Classroom jobs help all students feel like part of a team. The more you included them through helper tasks, the more willing they are to work together and create a classroom that’s clean, tidy, and positive.

What are some of your favorite classroom jobs? Share them with us in the comments below, or join the conversation in Mrs. D’s VIPs here.




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