Classroom Activities that Are NOT Worksheets

Worksheets have a place in the classroom, but there are times when activities that aren’t worksheets are more appropriate… not to mention all the different learning types we have in our classroom!

The question is, what types of activities can be done to help students meet their goals. I have compiled a list of some great ideas for classroom activities that are not worksheets that still pack a powerful education punch.

As you read through the list, pick and choose the activities that best fit your students’ needs and your budget.

Activities for the Classroom That Are Not Worksheets

Activities for Math Practice

Card Games – Break out a deck of playing cards and use them for everything from fractions to multiplication to addition and subtraction practice.

Blocks are for Learning – A bag of LEGO bricks or blocks can demonstrate fractions or used when teaching measuring.

Let’s Roll – Roll the dice, that is. A pair of die can be used in math games or used as standalone manipulatives for practicing all types of math skills.

Manipulatives Galore – Do not forget about traditional math counting manipulatives to include in your non-worksheet activities. Counting bears, cereal, candies, and more are always great manipulatives for math activity work.

Use Those Dominoes – Dominoes can be used for fraction lessons, matching numbers, and studying greater than and less than.

Sing a Song – There are many math facts songs that help students memorize their multiplication tables and more. Choose a song each week and have children practice them to learn their facts. The great part? You can pull the songs out again for a quick and easy review anytime throughout the school year.

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Activities for Language Arts

Flash Cards are Fun – Use sight word flashcards to have your students practice their words. You can purchase flashcards or you can create your own for super cheap!

Language BINGO – Play adjective BINGO by using BINGO cards that have adjectives in the boxes instead of numbers. It can be played as a class or in small groups. You can really use BINGO with alllll the topics!

Let’s Make Letters – For younger students who are just learning their letters, using chenille stems to form their ABCs is a fun and hands-on way to drive the learning home. You might also use play dough to shape the letters.

Write It Down – Instead of using traditional paper and pencil, use shaving cream, rice, or salt trays to draw letters or words. The hands-on activity helps students connect with their words in a new way. It could also be used with spelling or vocabulary words!

  • Handwriting Without Tears uses the Wet-Dry-Try method and it’s super engaging and fun for students!

Spelling Word Ball Pit – A ball pit? Yes! Tape spelling words on ball pit balls before tossing them into the pen. Have students take turns finding words and having fun!

Fishing for Sight Words – Create a magnetic fishing pole and sight word fish that have strips of magnets on them. Students get to “fish” for the correct sight word and mark it off on their word list.

Letter Scavenger Hunts – Have your students spread out around the room and try to find items that begin with a specific letter. Do it individually for each letter or have the students find something that starts with each letter of the alphabet.

No matter what type of non-worksheet activities you choose to do, make sure they are fun, and keep your students engaged. With a little creativity and a few supplies, you can turn any lesson into a worksheet-free experience.

What types of activities do you like to do with your students that aren’t worksheet based? Tell us in the comments!




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