5 Bulletin Board Ideas for the Special Ed Classroom

I don’t know about you, but I have a love/hate relationship with classroom bulletin boards.

While I love them, they can be a lot of work to plan and put up.

Bulletin Board Ideas for the Special Ed Classroom

Thankfully, there are five bulletin board ideas that make things run smoothly and will have your classroom looking great in no time!

Must-Have Bulletin Boards for the SpEd Classroom

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1 – Show Off Students’ Work Bulletin Boards

One of the easiest bulletin boards to create is one based on your students’ work. If you do a math or language arts project, use that as the basis of the board. This board can be changed as often as you’d like and it’s something that your para or your students can help you do.

Easy to Implement Idea: After reading the book The Color Monster: A Story About Emotions by Anna Llenas, use the Color Monster Book Companion to have students create their very own color monsters. The end result can then be displayed on the bulletin board with a cute title.

2 – Informational Bulletin Boards

Informational bulletin boards are the best! They contain pertinent information that can stay up all year (or most of the year). They might include a pocket chart with a visual daily schedule, procedures, rules, and more. Set it up at the beginning of the school year and you are set for months!

Easy to Implement Idea: One of my favorite things to put on informational bulletin boards is posters with positive messages and encouragement. I created a special needs classroom poster set that works for me and you can grab your free copy here!

3 – Monthly Celebration/Awareness Bulletin Boards

There are always monthly celebrations and awareness months that make for perfect bulletin boards. Use them as inspiration and then create a board that teaches your students about the special need or cause that is being recognized. These are always good for hallway bulletin boards so that everyone in the school can see them.

Easy to Implement Idea: Autism Awareness Month is the perfect bulletin board idea for April. Grab a free copy of the Autism Acceptance Rainbow Infinity Bulletin Board Display to use for your own classroom!

october is disability awareness month. disability and differences awareness bulletin board. autism awareness and autism acceptance poster display. free download.

There is also this free disability awareness bulletin board that you can grab here.

4 – Seasonal Bulletin Boards

The seasons offer great inspiration for bulletin board displays! From fall leaves in September to snowflakes in January, let nature inspire your bulletin boards.

Easy to Implement Idea: Read The Tall Tree by Anthony Fredericks with your students and then create a large tree trunk and branches for your bulletin board out of brown craft paper. Have students decorate leaves for each season (snowflakes for winter!) to show the passing of time and how trees grow leaves, lose them, and grow them again. It’s a science lesson as well as a bulletin board!

5 – Interactive Bulletin Boards

Interactive bulletin boards include your morning calendar boards, your interactive lesson boards, and more! Anytime that a student is engaging with the board, it becomes more than just a display – it becomes a great learning resource. You could have everything from a matching activity to a sequencing chart and more!

Learn more about this interactive bulletin board here.

Easy to Implement Idea: Add some hook and eye dots to the back of your sorting mats to turn them into the perfect interactive bulletin board lessons!

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While you may not love creating bulletin boards, they are important for your students and classroom. Use the easy-to-implement bulletin board ideas above to make them quick and easy to set up – or have your para set up for you!

What’s your favorite bulletin board to put together? Share in the comments below!




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