15 Kid-Approved Books to Read in July

Share the joy of reading with your students or children this summertime and while you’re on vacation!

Reading in the summer is so important to keep students practicing this important skill. Find books that interest the child and take time each day to read.

July books for special education and elementary students


These books are both fiction and nonfiction, silly and serious! Most would make great read-aloud books, but some lend themselves to independent reading or educational projects.

The lists below are for kindergarten through 3rd grade students, but truly – picture books can be used with students of any age!

Books About The Fourth of July

  • The Night Before the Fourth of July is a great book about a family preparing for their Fourth of July celebration. They prepare for a BBQ, a parade, and of course fireworks but will a thunderstorm ruin their day?
  • Fourth of July is a fun rhyming and rhythm book that shares about this great American holiday. Includes music and lyrics to a sing-along!
  • It’s Not About You Mrs. Firecracker is a story about the true meaning of the Fourth of July. Fireworks are beautiful and have become part of the tradition, but they aren’t the most important thing on this holiday.
  • What Is America? is a good book for young children to learn about their country. Simple vocabulary and cute pictures will keep little learners intrigued as they learn about America.
  • Apple Pie Fourth of July is a tale about a Chinese family and a feisty little girl learning about the Fourth of July. She doesn’t understand why her parents are cooking Chinese food on an American holiday, but she learns some new things during this story.
July books for special education and elementary students

5 Books to Read in July

  • Pete the Cat: Pete at the Beach is another funny tale featuring Pete the Cat. He finds shells, builds sandcastles, and enjoys the sun in this cute children’s book.
  • How to Catch a Mermaid is part of the How to Catch collection and children will love this one! Pretend you are a mermaid or just try to catch her, but she is tricky as can be!
  • The Night Before Summer Vacation is a cute story about a family preparing to leave for vacation. So many things can go wrong…can they make it on the road?
  • A Camping Spree with Mr. Magee is a book full of rhymes and silliness! Mr. Magee wants a quiet camping trip but he ends up having quite an adventure!
  • Cannonball is great read about believing in yourself and overcoming obstacles. One little boy wants to do the perfect cannonball but it is a little scary. His family supports him and he believes in himself.
July books for special education and elementary students

5 Books For Nature Lovers

  • The Backyard Bug Book is a great book to read if you have a little learner that loves bugs. Learn about all kinds of bugs and see wonderful real-life photographs!
  • On the Nature Trail is perfect for little explorers! It shares information about worms, birds, and bugs. It also talks about what to look for when in nature.
  • Bird Watch is a great tool to introduce to little learners that enjoy birds and being outside. Learn about birds, nests, and their songs in this field guide for young children.
  • Trees, Leaves, Flowers, and Seeds is a wonderful resource tool to learn about plants. The real-life photos are amazing, and the information is presented in a simple format for kids.
  • The Rock and Gem Book is another great nonfiction option to learn about rocks and minerals. It shows amazing photos and provides children with lots of information.
July books for special education and elementary students

Do you have any good July books that you read in your classroom or at home? Please drop a comment below with the titles for me!

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