20+ Inexpensive Behavior Plan Rewards for Students

Extrinsic motivation is a sure thing for most students and even more so for students who have a behavior plan in place.

But coming up with those behavior plan rewards can be tricky – and often expensive!


Thankfully, there are a lot of inexpensive reward options that you can use instead. Check out the list of some of my favorite student rewards and stock up now to help your students get excited about meeting their behavior goals!

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Cheap Behavior Plan Rewards

If a student on your caseload has a behavior plan with clear goals, the school should provide funds to purchase rewards that will help motivate him to reach his goals.

Unfortunately, as too many teachers are aware, schools often don’t purchase those rewards. That means way too many teachers are buying things with their own money.

That’s why it’s so important to find the right behavior plan rewards for each student and make sure that they’re inexpensive.

Here are some of my favorites and things that have worked with my students. The best part? Many of them don’t cost a thing!

Lunch with a Friend Coupon

Students love having lunch with a friend! Create a simple coupon that entitles them to have lunch with a friend in your classroom.

Homework Passes

All students love to get out of homework and it’s a great, free incentive!


Kids love stickers, and they make a great behavior plan reward that they can collect and show off.


Bookmarks aren’t only practical, they’re also fun! Students especially love these space-themed ones because they come with fun metal charms!

Special Pencils

There’s just something fun and motivating about writing with a special pencil! These smelly pencils have been a huge hit with my students in the past.

Bring a Stuffed Animal to School Day

Sometimes the best behavior plan rewards are the ones that mean the most to the child. That’s definitely the case with the Bring a Stuffed Animal to School Day reward! It’s a good idea to set guidelines beforehand (the stuffed animal must sit on the desk during lessons, he must be carried or sitting – no running, flying, or jumping!, etc.), but bringing a stuffy to school can make a child incredibly happy.

Extra Tech Time

Give students a pass for extra time on the computer or iPad!

Music Coupon

For older students, a coupon to listen to music through their headphones during work or down time can be a huge hit.

Dollar Store Toys

Most dollar stores have a great selection of small toys and rewards. From tiny tubs of Play-Doh to playing cards to Slinky toys, they are a great option to explore.

Hat for a Day

For students who love wearing hats, earning a coupon to wear one during the school day can be a great behavior plan reward.

Trade a Chair

Instead of sitting in their own chair for lessons, let students earn an opportunity to use the teacher’s chair or one of the alternative seating options in your classroom.

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Tokens to the Class Store

If you have a class store or prize box, earning tokens for behavior can be a great incentive.

Hang with the Teacher

Spending fun time with the teacher can be a big deal for some students! A “Hang with the Teacher” event could include a special snack, doing a fun activity, or simply eating lunch together and talking.

Your Choice YouTube Video

Students can select a school-appropriate 5-minute-long YouTube video that they love to share with the class.

Pick the Book

As a special incentive, students get to pick the read-aloud book for the day. If the student feels comfortable reading aloud to their peers, that might also be an option.

Croc Shoe Charms

For Croc-loving students, shoe charms can be a high-value incentive. This set of 50 is less than $10 and would be a great option!

Novelty Erasers

Even middle schoolers love adorable novelty erasers! Keep ones like these in your bag of behavior incentive tricks!

Good News Calls

What is better than celebrating good behavior with a positive call home? A three-minute good news call can mean the world to a student and their parents!


Fun stamps can make a big impact and are an inexpensive incentive.

Choice Time for the Whole Class

Good behavior can have big rewards! Offer choice time for the whole class as a behavior incentive/reward!

Temporary Tattoos

“Born to be wild” may not be the best behavior reward temporary tattoo, but one with a cat or a heart would certainly do the trick!

Drawing Time

Earning time to draw and doodle can be a wonderful incentive for your creative and artistic students.

Classroom Job First Pick

Classroom jobs are important in elementary school, and getting first pick of jobs can quickly become a coveted reward for on-track behavior!

No matter what you choose, make sure that it fits your budget and your students’ interests!




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