Bat Activities That are Kid-Approved!

We’re batty for bats! There is so much intrigue to these nocturnal animals that you can do an entire unit on them.

So today on the blog, we’ve rounded up our favorite bat activities for kids!

Check out these crafts, STEM experiments, and recipes perfect for any level elementary classroom.

Bat Crafts for Kids

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This Paper Plate Bat Craft is the perfect complement to There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bat! To grab a book companion, which includes an interactive adapted piece set for the story, click the link here.

This Splatter Paint Bat Artwork gives your students the chance to explore painting in a new light- by using a spray bottle instead of the typical brush! Keep those smocks in reach because this one might get messy. 

Bring crafting to life with this Paper Plate Bat Puppet Craft. Students can enjoy this process art activity and then use their imaginations to put on a show. 

Another twist to the bat puppet is this Paper Bag Bat! This is simpler to make than the paper plate puppet craft and only requires a few materials.

Add some color to your bat crafts with these little cuties. The dyed coffee filters give a tie-dye twist on the traditional black bat. 

Bat STEM Experiments for Kids

It’s almost a guarantee that students will get a kick out of fizzy experiments every time they’re done, and this one is no different! Watch what happens when baking soda and vinegar react with one another with this Fizzy Bat Experiment. This activity is also bat-tacular for fine-motor practice! 

Watch bats do a little boogie with this Dancing Bats activity that demonstrates static electricity!

Teach about echolocation with these Bat Science Experiments. There are three different ones to choose from, including a fun gross motor activity that will get students up and moving. 

Try this experiment with a slinky if you want to add even more echolocation exploration to your bat unit. Your students (and you) will definitely get a giggle out of this one!

Promote problem-solving with this Flying Bats STEM Activity. See if students can figure out how to make the bat fly and see if they can change speeds. 

These Flying Bat Straw Rockets can be done independently and make for great early finishers! Students just color, cut, and watch their bats soar with the help of paper straws. 

Bat Recipes for Kids

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Your students will go batty for these Graham Cracker Bats. These are a sugary treat that they’ll look forward to! The original recipe calls for black candy melts to cover the graham cracker, but white frosting with black food coloring is an alternative. 

If peanut butter is allowed in your school, try these Mini Reese’s Bat Snacks! With just three ingredients, this is a simple snack your students can put together and enjoy in no time at all.

No-bake recipes are easy to do in the classroom. For example, try this Spooky Bat Halloween Rice Krispie Treats. Pro tip: You can also purchase pre-made Rice Krispie Treats and have students create the bat decorations. 

Roll art and cooking into one with this Starry Night Painted Toast

While this recipe is certainly not edible, this Black Glitter Slime still requires students to put their measuring skills to work. 

Do you tie bats into your Halloween unit or do you teach them during a different time of the year? Tell us in the comments!




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