Autumn Crafts and Activities for Kids

Autumn is the perfect opportunity to explore nature! So do just that with these Fall crafts and activities for kids.

With so many to choose from, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite 15+ activities you can do with your students this Fall. 

Keep reading for great ideas that will help fill your lesson plans and pique your students’ interest in the changing seasons! 

Fall Crafts for Kids

If forest animals are part of your Fall unit, create wise old owls with this Fall Paper Plate Owl Craft. 

This Autumn Yarn Wrapped Leaf Craft strengthens those finger muscles and hones fine motor skills. This is a great activity to use when you’re tracking attention to task goals! 

Explore the beauty of Fall by going for a nature walk and collecting fallen leaves to create these cute Leaf People! This is a super simple craft that allows students to get creative. If going for a walk isn’t feasible in your classroom, request that students bring leaves in from home. 

You can also bring nature into the classroom to create these Mixed Media Leaf Hair and Crown Crafts. Bonus points if you tell students to create a portrait of themselves. 

Students can create a Fall Snow Globe that is calming and beautiful! Use plastic bottles to add these to your calm down or sensory corner. 

Fall Science for Kids

Have you found your students showing curiosity in why the leaves change colors? Dive into the concept behind the changing leaves with this Leaf Chromatography Science Experiment. There’s a great resource in the post about science vocabulary as well! 

Now that you’ve explored why leaves change colors, why don’t you dive into the concept of apples changing colors? This fun STEM activity, Preventing Apples from Oxidizing, is a hands-on experience that explains it all! Be sure to chart your students’ predictions beforehand with this one.

Embrace the power of chemical reactions with this Fall Leaf Borax Crystal Science. This one has a beautiful outcome, but it does take a ton of patience like all crystal experiments. 

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Have you ever wondered why pine cones open and close? Get answers with this simple Why Do Pine Cones Open and Close experiment. And once you’re finished with them, your students can use them to paint and create a free art piece. 

Allow your students to put those critical thinking skills to good use with this Building Structures with Candy Pumpkins. See who can build the tallest tower with the same number of pumpkins and toothpicks. 

Fall Recipes for Kids

recipe from sevengracesblog.com

Students can enjoy a munchy mix with this Kid-Approved Fall Inspired Snack Mix. With marshmallows and candy corn, you really can’t go wrong!

Pumpkin Pie is a delicious recipe that will fill your classroom with Fall feelings and aromas. This How to Make Pumpkin Pie Adapted Reader doubles as a visual recipe and a comprehension tool! Then, try the How to Roast Pumpkin Seeds Adapted Reader if you like this one. 

Try this festive and straightforward no-bake recipe for Caramel Apple Slices. These are slightly sugary, so this might be an ideal end-of-the-day activity. 

These Edible Acorns are a tasty craftivity perfect for practicing following directives.  

And we saved the best for last! This recipe isn’t edible, but students will have a blast making this Colorful Fall Leaves Slime!

What is your favorite Fall activity to do in the classroom? Tell us in the comments.




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