Lesson Plans for August (The Month Without a Holiday)

Oh, August. We love you, so. But sometimes, it’s tricky to come up with lesson plans for August when it’s a month with no holidays. 

It’s almost like you’re sitting in limbo. Summertime is in hindsight, but the official school year has yet to start. So, what’s a teacher to do?

Read on for some August inspiration and run to grab the August Lesson Plan Pack if you’re looking to kick off the month with some done-for-you, low-prep activities!

August Lesson Plans for Literacy

As teachers, we love reading for so many reasons. It promotes critical thinking, problem-solving, fluency, and comprehension- just to name a few! However, sometimes students don’t feel the same way. Approaching those less than fond of reading needs to be done to make it enticing for them. 

And that’s where our Adapted Piece Book Sets come into play! Use the pieces to transform children’s books into interactive experiences that will make storytime more engaging! Our August Adapted Piece Book Set features everything you need (except the books) to do this for twelve popular and themed stories. 

Keep up with interactive literacy activities by making these August Adapted Readers a part of your small group time. These differentiated, easy-to-prep, fun-to-use mini-books teach students about themed topics AND allow them to practice skills such as fluency and comprehension. Not to mention, they’re an excellent tool for tracking specific literacy IEP goals. Check out how to use them in the video above!

For more August reading fun, you can check out the August Adapted Book Mini-Bundle, which includes titles such as How To Make a Root Beer Float, All About Mustard, and The Life Cycle of An Elephant. 

Pump up your writing for August with the August Digital Writing Prompt Task Cards. Creative writing needs inspiration. And since there aren’t any holidays this month to theme your plans around, these will help open up those imaginations. And with four different ways to format these cards (both printable and digital), they’re an excellent fit for every learning style. 

If you have students who struggle to write sentences or have difficulty organizing words to form sentences, the Sentence Builder Bundle will help! It includes forty different topics, so you can practice year-round, and has five differentiation levels to fit every student’s needs. And are there ones to fit the theme of August? You bet there are! 

August Lesson Plans for Skill Work

Practice upper and lower letter identification with the Scenic Alphabet Sequencing Puzzles. There are ten different images to choose from, including the beach, the ocean, and school! We’ve heard from other teachers that they’re “great for work time,” “fun for morning work,” and “make perfect work tasks.”

Give students the satisfaction of errorless skill work- and make it enticing- with the Digital Errorless Scenes. Students follow the prompts to finish 14 scenes (including a few summer-themed ones). There are 14 scenes to choose from (including a few summer-themed ones). Errorless activities help to promote focus and boost student confidence! That’s a win-win in our book. 

 The Base Ten through 1000 Digital Activity is perfect for fun, summer-themed, PAPERLESS skill work. Our digital activities are center-time friendly, and the 21 differentiated worksheets can be done independently! 

Spice up your classroom snack time with these August Visual Recipes. Although they’re pretty yummy, this activity isn’t just about the food. The visual directions, sequencing cards, and comprehension questions make cooking a fun way to work on those IEP goals. This month’s menu is Sand Pudding, White Chocolate Popcorn, Rainbow Grilled Cheese, Cheesecake Fruit Salad, and Pineapple Whip Cream. While I’m sure students will look forward to these anyway, try setting a designated day to do them every week to amp up the anticipation! 

Do you struggle when it comes to planning for a month without holidays? Let us know in the comments (and know that you’re not the only one)!




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