21 Books about Snow for Special Education Rooms

Kids LOVE snow, and I get why; the beauty, the fun, and the magic it holds are so strong in a child’s eye. Adults don’t seem to care much for snow or cold weather, but I do like it for spending time indoors snuggled up with a warm cup of hot chocolate, a fuzzy blanket, and a good book.

21 books about snow for special education classrooms


Grab a blanket and get reading because I have found 21 books about snow for special education classrooms that will be just perfect for this winter season!

There are a variety of titles from fiction to nonfiction, silly to educational, and some in between. I hope you find a few that are just what you’re looking for this winter!

  • Little Owl’s Snow is great for little learners as their anticipation builds for the first snow. Owl and Raccoon can’t wait and are observing all the changes that take place before the first snowfall.
  • The Three Snow Bears is a similar story to Goldilocks and the Three Bears just with a polar bear family and a little Inuit girl. Students will love reading the familiar tale and it would be great for a book comparison project.
  • The Snowy Day is one of my favorites with its simple photos and sweet story. Students will relate to Peter’s fun adventure in the snow.
  • Snow Sisters! is a book about two sisters that share differing views about snow. One is happy, the other is wary! Have a class vote to see how they feel about snow.
  • Snow Globe Wishes is a cute story about a girl and her family getting ready for a big blizzard. She makes a wish for everyone to slowdown and enjoy their family time.
21 books about snow for special education classrooms

6 Books about Snowmen

  • Snowmen at Night is the first book in the series and it shows what snowmen do at night while we sleep. They come to life and have a wonderful time with their friends!
  • Snowmen at Play is part of a snowman series that are perfect for little readers and read-alouds. This book is a sticker activity book that would be perfect for a gift for your students!
  • Snowmen at Work is so funny and great for teaching about community helpers but with a little twist. The snowmen don’t just play all night they have jobs to do. Your students will get a kick out of this silly book.
  • Snowmen All Year is about a snowman that doesn’t melt. The boy’s friend is around for all the seasons and what fun they have!
  • Snowmen at Christmas is another tale about what the snowmen do at night while we sleep. This time, they are celebrating Christmas and they even have a snow Santa!
  • Snowmen at Halloween is the final book in the series and it is delightful as the other titles. The snowmen have a fun Halloween party while we sleep but they leave a little message behind…
21 books about snow for special education classrooms

5 Books About Snow

  • Snow is a book perfect for beginning readers with its simple text and expressive illustrations. Your students will love following along or trying to read it on their own.
  • Curious About Snow is a nonfiction text that answers a lot of questions kids may have about snow. Plus, the close-up images are so interesting!
  • The Story of Snow is packed full of information about snow in a simple to understand format. It is perfect for the little scientists as they read books about snow in the special education room!
  • Snowflake Bentley is about a boy that was fascinated with snowflakes! His dream was to one day be able to photograph them. He worked hard and was able to take some great photos.
  • The Secret Life of a Snowflake is a nonfiction text about the creation of a snowflake. It is really interesting, and your students will learn so much from this book.
21 books about snow for special education classrooms

5 More Books About Snow

  • A Warm Winter is about a little mouse who needs help gathering wood to stay warm, but all his friends are busy getting ready for the blizzard. They must work together to get ready for this big snowstorm!
  • Pete the Cat: Snow Daze is about too many snow days! Pete was so excited to have a snow day to play with his friends and drink hot cocoa but then each day brings another snow day and Pete is starting to realize that you can have too many snow days!
  • Whiteout!: A Book About Blizzards is a great book to teach young children about the extreme weather in the winter time. It is simple to understand but still gives information for your little scientists.
  • What Makes a Blizzard? is a full of information and may answer most of your wintery questions!
  • There Was a Cold Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow! is a silly book about all the things the old lady swallows to make a snowman. These books are great for young students with their repetitive text and silly storyline.
21 books about snow for special education classrooms

Do you have any great books all about snow? Please drop a comment below with the titles for me!

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