20 Winter Books for Special Education Rooms

Read my 20 winter books for special education rooms to your students to bring winter joy and information to your school. There are a variety of titles that fit many learning levels. Some of the books are silly and will make great read-aloud books to enjoy, and others are informative and will make learning interesting!

20 winter books perfect for reading in the classroom


  • The Shortest Day: Celebrating the Winter Solstice is a great book to teach about this interesting phenomenon. THe author uses voacbulary that encourages learning and describes this time perfectly for young students.
  • Goodbye Autumn, Hello Winter is a great book to read as the seasons change. It points out the differences and what to expect as winter progresses.
  • Lemonade in Winter is a good book to teach about counting money. Plus starting and running a small business.
  • The Winter People is a book about a war that happened in the winter between the British and a Native American tribe. This book is more for older students.
  • Over and Under the Snow is a book that takes a look at what happens over the snow and under the snow in the animals’ dens.
20 winter books perfect for reading in the classroom

5 Books about Winter by Jan Brett

  • The Mitten is one of my favorites! It is about a boy that drops his mitten in the woods. The animals start to use it as a home and it stretches and stretches to accomodate them all! Will Nicki realize his mitten is missing?
  • The Hat is a companion story to The Mitten and your students will love it too! Lisa’s hat falls off the clothesline and the animals try to keep it as their own.
  • Cozy is about a group of animals that find an interesting way to stay warm in the winter.
  • The Snowy Nap is a cute story about a hedgehog that wants to stay awake during the winter. It is a busy time and he just wants to see what it is all about. Then, a snowstorm hits and Lisa finds Hedgie and brings him inside. Then, he gets to see all the great things that happen inside the warm house during the winter.
  • The Three Snow Bears is a wintery twist on Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The family is a family of polar bears and the Inuit girls goes into their igloo while they are out.
20 winter books perfect for reading in the classroom

5 Books About Winter

  • Snow is a book perfect for beginning readers with its simple text and expressive illustrations. Your students will love following along or trying to read it on their own.
  • Curious About Snow is a nonfiction text that answers a lot of questions kids may have about snow. Plus, the close-up images are so interesting!
  • The Story of Snow is packed full of information about snow in a simple to understand format. It is perfect for the little scientists as they read books about snow in the special education room!
  • The Secret Life of a Snowflake is a nonfiction text about the creation of a snowflake. It is really interesting, and your students will learn so much from this book.
  • Animals in the Winter is a nonfiction book about what the animals do in the winter. Learn about migration, hibernation, and other adaptions for the cold weather.
20 winter books perfect for reading in the classroom

5 More Books About Winter

  • Hibernation is a nonfiction book about what animals do in the winter. This book is written with little learners in mind and is perfect for lower elementary.
  • Walking in a Winter Wonderland is about all the wonderful things that happen in the winter. Sleigh bells, snowmen, ice skating, and more!
  • The Jacket I Wear In the Snow is a cute story about all the things you must put on before enjoying the snow!
  • Sneezy the Snowman will make your students laugh! Sneezy is too cold and has the sneezes! He tries warming up with a jacket, some hot chocolate, and a fire but what happens when Sneezy gets too warm?
  • How to Catch a Snowman is a fun tale about kids trying to catch a snowman. Perfect for the introduction to a STEM project on building a snowman trap!
20 winter books perfect for reading in the classroom

Do you have any great books for winter? Please drop a comment below with the titles for me!


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