20 Real Teacher Truths

We wake up every morning to go to a place that is more than a job.

We might be groggy and some of us may have only slept 3 hours last night (yes, I’m talking about you)… but regardless of how we feel we go to work every day excited to see 25 little faces beaming with joy to see us (because you know we all despise having to write sub plans and we’d rather just suffer through being sick).

So why do we do what we do? We love our students.

But I love Cherry Coke… and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups… but do I love them more than my students?!

Do I love hearing the student, who has struggled for the past 6 weeks with reading, read an entire story to me … more than my love for peanut butter and chocolate?

Hmm. Now that’s a tough one.

Who am I kidding, I would give up Cherry Coke forever if it meant that this child would read stories to me and to all of his future teachers forever. Of course I love my students more than I love peanut butter and chocolate!

So what else do I love my students more than? What do teachers love their students more than? Surely it can’t be a lot… or can it…

What do we love our students more than?

1. The secret candy stash in our desks… you know, for that mid-day pick me up.

2. Any teacher supply store.
saturday night live celebration yes kristen wiig target
3. Target’s Dollar Spot. #enoughsaid

4. The drawer full of Post It notes we are hoarding saving.
leonardo dicaprio titanic okay k sure
5. Faculty Meetings. Nothing beats a 45-minute faculty meeting after working all day.

6. Indoor recess. Our most favorite two words.
cute food harry potter school magic
7. Free food in the teacher’s lounge. Especially snacks… like cookies and cake.

8. No line at the copier. #winning

9. The smell of the laminator heating up…

10. …and a freshly laminated center. Not sure which is better.

11. Five snow days in a row. We start to miss you after about two.
cameron diaz hungover bad teacher sleep Elizabeth Halsey
12. Early release days… followed by 3 hour meetings that makes us feel better about you leaving us early that day.

13. Book Fair week at school.

14. Opening a new pack of Mr. Sketch markers.

15. And a pack of freshly sharpened pencils … that have erasers.

16. A new planner at the beginning of the school year.
dancing party drake started from the bottom gif party
17. Finishing inputting grades a couple of days before they are due.

18. Searching through the Dollar Spot and finding those binder clips and supplies that you saw on Instagram and just had to have.

19. Summer break. While we enjoy our time off, we start missing you about 3 weeks in. And then we start planning for the next school year.
crying laughing upset kristen bell
20. State testing. Of all things, we definitely love you more than state testing.

In all reality, we would give up all of the things that we love about teaching if we could just teach. We love you and want the best for you. We see your future and how bright it is. And for all of the days we are frustrated with our occupation and the politics behind it, we come back each day because of you, our students.

What do you love your students more than?

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