15 Ways to Make Your Winter Classroom Fun

During the winter months, it’s important to have extra activities prepped and ready to keep your students busy and engaged – especially when the temperature drops and the playground is off-limits.

Good news is that you can read on for some exciting, hands-on activities that will make your winter classroom fun!

Crafts for Winter Classroom Fun

Winter Classroom Fun Crafts
Thank you to www.thepinterestedparent.com for their Tinfoil Snowflake Prints!

We love doing crafts in the classroom, and that’s because there are so many learning opportunities that come along with them. They’re great for indoor recess, and can be used as lesson extensions as well! 

This free hand Winter Magic Watercolor Craft will get your students’ creative juices flowing. They can draw a magical winter picture and watch it come to life with beautiful, seasonal watercolors. 

Students can explore with their senses with these Tinfoil Snowflake Prints. This also allows them to practice following directions and teaches them about multi-step processes. 

This Snowman Styrofoam Craft lets students create their own winter wonderland character!

The Puffy Paint Snowglobe is a hit in the classroom! Students get to measure, mix, and create their own puffy paint before putting together a snowglobe of their own. 

Set the Snowman Factory  out for center time or indoor recess, and let them dress up their snowmen with pieces of felt, sticks, buttons, and whatever other scraps you can scrounge up from around the classroom. Plus- your students will love whipping up the sparkling snowman dough from scratch. 

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Science Experiments for Winter Classroom Fun

When the words “science experiment” are mentioned in the classroom, my students flock to the area! STEM gives them the freedom to explore, problem solve, and even the concept of cause and effect, so they’re always ready to dive right in.

winter classroom fun STEM activities
This glow in the dark sensory bottle is from Very “Special” Tales!

Students get to watch chemical reactions with this Snow Volcano experiment! When you click the link, you’ll see that this activity is done outside. If it’s too chilly, you can collect some snow and do it in a large bin right inside the classroom. 

Sensory bottles are fun to make, and can be used as an effective classroom tool when students are experiencing big emotions. Students can practice their fine motor skills while creating this Glow in the Dark Sensory Bottle and this Winter Sensory Bottle. When you make these, you can have a discussion about the importance of reusing plastic to help the environment! 

Watch your students’ imaginations run wild with this Winter STEM Building Challenge. They might sneak a marshmallow or two, but that’s part of the fun! 

Harness Elsa’s magical ice powers with this Instant Ice Winter Science Experiment as students watch water turn into ice right before their eyes. 

Have your students build their own snow mini snow shovels with this Snow Scoop Winter Snow Challenge

Visual Recipes for Winter Classroom Fun

If you’re new here, visual recipes are step-by-step guides to help students follow directions and practice independence. If you’re not new here, you know how much we love them! Here are some of our winter favorites! 

winter classroom fun visual recipes

This Free Reindeer Chow Visual Recipe is fun to make, and even more fun to eat! This one’s not just for winter too. You can swap out the M&Ms to fit other themes. 

This visual recipe for Salt Dough Ornaments is not only fun to do, but gives the students something to take home with them and give to their families. They really get a sense of pride with this. 

These Cinnamon Salt Dough Ornaments are similar to those above, but are made with slightly spicier ingredients for scented ornaments. You can grab the visual recipe for them here

The No-Bake December Visual Recipes are both digital and printable, and include the following recipes: 

• Cream Cheese Mint

• Cocoa Cups

• Jingle Juice

• Tree Krispies

• Buddy the Elf Cookies

The No-Bake January Visual Recipes include: 

• Hot Cocoa Dip

• Lunch Box Kabobs

• Melted Snowmen

• Snow Mix

• Cranberry and Raisin Logs

And both of these recipe packs include recipe cards, visual recipe and sequencing mats, sequencing cards, and comprehension questions. 

As you can tell, we love winter fun! What are some of your favorite winter classroom activities? Tell us in the comments!




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