15 Holidays Around the World Activities

The holiday season is always a fun opportunity for hands-on classroom activities. If you’re looking for ways to work holidays around the world activities into your planner, look no further!

We’ve come up with 15 crafts, recipes, and science experiments to help you teach about holidays around the world.

It’s important to teach about diversity. After all, it’s our job as teachers to shape cultured students! Keep reading for Holidays Around the World activities.

Holidays Around the World Crafts

Recognize Hannukah with this Simple Star of David Popsicle Craft. This one only requires four materials- and you likely have them sitting around in your classroom! 

Students can celebrate Kwanza by creating this DIY Kinara. This link is also a great resource to teach students new vocabulary! 

Diwali is an Indian holiday known as the lights festival and spans five days. Create these Diwali lamps using paper plates, paint, and, if you’re feeling brave, glitter. 

Ring in the Chinese New Year with these Recycled TP Roll Chinese Lanterns. This recycled craft is simple to make and is a wonderful classroom decoration! 

Celebrate Christmas in Mexico with these Paper Plate Poinsettias. They’re so pretty! And as you know, we’re big fans of children’s books, so we suggest reading The Legend of the Poinsettia by Tomie DePaola to go along with it. 

Holidays Around the World Recipes

These Rice Krispie Dragon Treats make a great complement to your Chinese New Year Unit! They’re easy to make, look adorable, and are a tasty treat your students will enjoy. 

Students will have a blast whipping up these Marshmallow Dreidels from Hostess with the Mostess. These are such a festive treat! 

For more Hanukkah fun, try this easy banana and pretzel Menorah snack

Celebrate the holidays, Australian style, with this Australian Fairy Bread Recipe! This is a traditional treat reserved for special occasions, parties, and Christmas. 

Cook up some holiday recipes from around the world with the Visual Recipes for Holidays Around the World. These can all be made in the classroom and include traditional holiday foods from Australia, England, Mexico, France, and beyond! Have you ever had South African Christmas pudding? It’s delicious! Please note: some of these recipes are no-bake, but others do require a griddle, stove, or slow cooker. 

Holidays Around the World Science Experiments

Explore the concept of air pressure with this Buring Candle Rising Water Experiment. This ties in nicely to your Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or Diwali unit!

Get creative with this Magic Milk Experiment and use festive food coloring to fit the holiday theme.  

Your students will be amazed when they grow their own Crystal Tree! The results of this experiment are beautiful and absolutely worth the wait.

This Hanukkah Melting Menorah doubles as an art and science experiment. Grab your smocks because this one gets messy!

Watch the effects of electricity with this Paper Circuit Menorah. This activity will need some prepping and ordering ahead of time, but it’s a guarantee that your students will love this one. 

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What is your favorite worldly holiday to celebrate? Tell us in the comments below! 




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