15 Children’s Books to Read in March

March is such a fun month to teach because there are so many fun topics you can talk about with your students, like Spring, the weather, Daylight Savings Time, life cycles, Saint Patrick’s Day, Easter.

a list of March books for elementary and special education students


Here are some of my favorite books to read in March to welcome spring and enjoy other March holidays.

Your students will love reading these books with you! Get ready to celebrate the changing of the seasons and other fun spring topics with this lineup of books for elementary-aged students.

  • Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring is a great book to read as the seasons change. The days get longer, the animals start to emerge, and little ones begin to be born!
  • Once in a Full Moon is a story about the changes the moon makes each cycle. Use this book to teach students about moon phases and their proper names.
  • When Spring Comes is a repetitive book that uses multiple literacy styles to teach children about the changing of the seasons.
  • Worm Weather is a cute story about rainy day fun! Watch out for the little critters that come out to play in the rain!
  • The Backyard Bug Book for Kids is the perfect book to break out in March. As the weather warms, all the insects begin to emerge, and students will love learning about them!
a list of March books for elementary and special education students

5 March Books About Weather

  • National Geographic Kids Everything Weather is a nonfiction book that teaches kids all about the different kinds of weather.
  • Tornado! is a nonfiction book about tornadoes. These twisting, spiraling weather forces are interesting and scary, but students should be informed to better be able to protect themselves.
  • The Kids’ Book of Weather Forecasting is a neat book that teaches older students how to predict the weather. Learn about the things to look for before weather changes and how meteorologists predict the weather.
  • When The Sky Roars is a great story to share with students about storms. The thunder and lightening can be scary but if they learn what is causing it, they may not be so scared.
  • Weather in Spring is a nonfiction text that tells students about the weather changes that may happen in the spring. The snow melts, it rains more, and the temperatures start to rise are just a few of the amazing spring changes that happen.
a list of March books for elementary and special education students

5 More March Books

  • In Like a Lion Out Like a Lamb is a great book to read for March! Teach students about this old saying and see how your March begins and ends.
  • How To Trap a Leprechaun is a cute book that lays the foundation for a fun activity making leprechaun traps! Your students will love the chance to create and use their creativity with a hands-on learning project!
  • Daylight Saving Time For Kids is a simple book to teach students about why we turn our clocks ahead. It answers tons of questions students may have about this weird holiday.
  • The Spring Equinox: Celebrating the Greening of the Earth is a book about the spring equinox. Learn how other cultures celebrate this day and its importance in their cultures.
  • We Are the Gardeners is a cute story about working hard and reaping the crop. This book shares the basic steps in creating a garden and caring for your plants.
a list of March books for elementary and special education students

Do you have any great March books you read in your classroom? Please drop a comment below with the titles for us to add to our classroom library.

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