10 April Lesson Plan Ideas You Can Use In Any Classroom

We’re almost one-third of the way through the year already, and you’ll be needing April lesson plan ideas more quickly than you think. While Spring and life cycles are often popular topics amongst April activities, Earth Day and Easter are two other April themes your students may love.

Keep reading for 10 lesson plan ideas and resources that fit the mold for these April holidays.

Earth Day Lesson Plan Ideas

There is so much to celebrate during Earth Day! Teach your students the importance of taking care of our home planet (it’s the only one we’ve got!) with these hands-on resources. And don’t miss out on our Earth Day freebie below! 

Kick off the unit by reading Tall, Tall Tree by Anthony Fredericks. This story vividly paints why trees are SO crucial to our planet. The Tall Tall Tree Book Companion set will drive that point home with ten differentiated worksheets, two different writing prompts, and of course- a craft! 

Keep the love for Mother Earth flowing with the Earth Day Lapbook, which was recently updated to include SIXTEEN foldables to help your students celebrate! From conserving energy to why animals are important, this interactive download covers everything Earth Day-related.

In addition, the Earth Day Adapted Book makes an excellent lesson extension geared towards both Level 1 and Level 2 readers.  

And now for that freebie we promised you! Teach students the difference between trash and recyclables with the FREE Recycling and Trash Sorting Mats. Print these out, laminate them for durability and longevity, and set them out for a sorting center that will keep your students busy and learning.

Did I mention these make for a GREAT file folder game? You know how essential that can be if you’re an elementary teacher! 

Easter Lesson Plan Ideas

The bunny is coming to town, and with him are some holiday-themed resources. 

Students can Build a Bunny with this digital activity for Google Slides. As shown, students are prompted to use the pieces provided to create an identical bunny. If you’re looking for activities that boost following directives and matching skills, this resource is for you! If you want more Easter-themed digital activities, be sure to check out the Easter Digital Activity Bundle.

Incorporate fine motor practice into center time with the Easter Fine Motor Skills Activity Packet. Your April centers are completely covered with cut and paste activities, q-tip art, puzzles, punch cards, and more! 

Work fluency and literacy into your Easter lesson lineup with the Holiday Sentence Builder Bundle. Watch the video above that demonstrates how to use this intuitive download that helps boost comprehension and writing skills! 

Insider Note: I created this resource because I had a desperate need to help my students practice sentence skills and meet IEP goals! Although every resource I create is made with love, this one is especially near and dear to my heart. 

More April Lesson Plan Ideas

Make storytime a blast with the April Adapted Book Piece Set. With everything you need to turn thirteen stories into interactive experiences, this set is perfect for students who don’t love to read (and those who do!). The Adventures of a Plastic Bottle, It’s Not Easy Being the Bunny, and How To Catch the Easter Bunny are just a few of the popular titles in this bundle. 

The Spring Adapted Work Binder makes it easy to differentiate and spice up your arsenal of worksheets. It covers all the basic skills in a themed way and is a great resource to help you track IEP goals. 

Last but certainly not least is the April Lesson Plan Pack. If April snuck up on you quickly and you’re feeling less than prepared, this lesson plan pack will ease your worries! This all-inclusive bundle covers activities in the areas of STEM, ELA, math, art, and more. The buzz from other teachers is that “the lesson plan pack is a huge time saver” and “the students love doing the activities.” P.S. It has a really neat Seed Bomb activity that you won’t want your kids to miss!

 What’s your favorite theme to implement in April? Tell us in the comments!




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