Sunday, July 10, 2016

DIY Timer Clipboard

Did you ever have one of those moments where you are just like, "Why didn't I think of this sooner?" That was me before I discovered how to create my own DIY Timer Clipboard.

As a special education teacher, I am constantly collecting data... all sorts of data... especially data that requires the use of a timer. How I never thought to DIY myself a timer clipboard is beyond me.

Luckily, a few weeks ago I discovered that this was actually a thing... a clipboard with a timer... and it blew my mind. I almost bought one, and then the teacher in me (you know, the one that likes to save money on certain things just so I can use the rest to build my classroom library) was like, "Girl make one!"
So when I saw a blank clipboard at the store the other day, it reminded me. The clipboard cost me $2 at WalMart and the timer was $5 at Target.
The only other supply needed is hook and loop Velcro.

I decided to use hook Velcro strips and loop Velcro coins. (Feiner Supply has great prices on bulk Velcro).
I am right handed, so I decided to attach the Velcro on the top right side.
I didn't make the strips go all the way to the end for whatever reason.

I'm sure it will eventually bother the minor OCD in me.
 Open the timer.
To make sure that I could change the batteries when needed, I chose Velcro coins. I attached 4 coins - two on either side, so that it was durable enough to withstand being in a life skills classroom.
Attach it and you're done! 
The size of the timer is perfect for daily use of this clipboard. I might make a few more for inclusion and resource data collection.

One of the great things about this DIY is that you can literally use any size or color of clipboard. You could even decorate this clipboard before attaching the timer. Or have your students decorate it. So many options!

You can grab this data collection sheet inside of my IEP Binder, along with over 100+ other editable data collection sheets.

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