Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Quick & Easy Groundhog's Day Craft

February is my favorite month to teach. There are so many different holidays and topics to teach, and you can incorporate activities in to just about everything you do.

First off, Happy Groundhog's Day! I will be watching Punxatawney Phil this morning to see if the little, tiny groundhog will see his shadow in Amish country, Pennsylvania... hoping and praying for an early Spring!

We started talking about Groundhog's Day yesterday with an adorable activity and craft from Erica Bohrer.

Since we only have a few students in our life skills class, we took this as a social opportunity. We grabbed our clip boards and walked around the school asking teachers and staff if they thought the groundhog would see his shadow. Their answers filled up our graphs, so once we did had enough data, we headed back to class.
At this point, a few of our friends left for specials or inclusion, so we decided to take a break from the graphing and get our coloring on.

All I did was print off a clip art image of a groundhog that I had and let the kids color it in. You can grab a free one here.

Then they cut out their colored groundhogs, added a folded piece of white paper at its feet, and put him face down on their black piece of construction paper. All we had to do then was use a white crayon to color around the groundhog.
It looked like this when we finished coloring with the white crayon.
Is he not just the cutest thing you've ever seen?! Simple and the perfect craft for Groundhog's Day!

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