Saturday, January 23, 2016

Grab the Whole Team!
By now ya'll know about my serious love for Pledgecents and why I prefer them over those *other* people... but if you aren't sure what or who they are, you'll want to read this post first.

Well NOW is the time to start a cause with Pledgecents because they are running another AMAAAZING donation-matching contest.
For every cause that gets $75 in donations, Pledgecents will be matching that! So that's like getting $150 towards your cause right off the bat.
Just like back in August, this is also a contest! But this time it is more for teachings helping teachers... the focus is to get support from the entire school, so having more teachers within your individual school participate. You earn points from getting more teachers from your school signed up.

This contest was created to help teachers help each other. By telling more teachers at your school to participate, Pledgecents is able to help more students receive more opportunities; and, in return, your school will earn more points and that much closer to winning an additional $3,000.
PLUS the teacher with the most points for each winning school will also receive $200 credit towards their next cause.

What are you waiting for? Get started here!

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