Wednesday, November 4, 2015

My Calligraphy Journey: Week 1

Ever since high school, I have always been a doodler. I had notebooks dedicated to doodling and I always have something drawn on the margins of my paper. I would use Crayola markers to write out song lyrics and favorite quotes of mine.

For years now I've wanted to try my hand at calligraphy. Since it seems to be everywhere now, and because I wanted to find a new hobby that didn't include staring at a computer screen, I figured what better time than now...

It really all started on Instagram. I entered some giveaway where you had to follow a bunch of people to be entered... and one has really stuck with me. I've literally watched her IG videos for minutes on end, admiring her art in calligraphy. If you want some inspiration, just search for piecescalligraphy.

Since once of my favorite things is surfing the "related to your likes" feed on IG, I happened to find Once Upon a First Grade Adventure. I saw her picture of her practice sheets and I reached out to her on IG for some guidance as to how to get started. She was fabulous and even pointed me in the direction of a few other calligraphers to follow on IG. (Thanks again, Brooke!)
So I finally took the plunge and purchased some writing supplies over the weekend and bought some Tombow Dual Brush Pens from Amazon.

I started with these:
*affiliate link*

Also, to start practicing the actual letter writing, I purchased this digital book from Random Olive. It's the perfect Brush Letter Practice Guide. If you aren't sure if the BLPG is for you, you can download a free practice guide before purchasing.

But let me tell you what, today was my first day (ya know, since I had to wait for my pens to come in the mail... thanks Amazon Prime!) ... and I am very excited about the next 44 days. Wait, what?! YES! The guide gives you a 45- practice guide, telling you exactly what to practice with practice pages included for each day.

Just to show you what I was working on before writing up this blog post, this is it...
Doesn't it look like fun?! You should probably try it with me and let me know. I'd love to follow your calligraphy journey. Leave your name in the comments to let me know you're giving it a try. If you're on IG, leave your IG handle (@mrsdscorner) and I'll follow your journey there!

*Please know that I am not affiliated or being paid by Random Olive to recommend her digital book. I am also not affiliated or being paid by Tombow USA. All opinions in this post are my personal opinions.*

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  1. I've been out of town this weekend, but my pens are waiting on my doorstep!! I can't wait to try this out! My Instagram handle is @coxh08 ! I'm a leftie though, do you think that will cause any problems? Thanks for the great new hobby idea!