Saturday, October 3, 2015

October Pinspiration

I have officially regained my love of all things Pinterest. A few months ago, after the updated and changed everything, I gave it up. All of the pins on my homepage seemed to be nothing from the people I follow, and they still aren't, but oh my... Pinterest is a wonderful thing!
Pinterest is honestly where I share a love-hate relationship with fashion. You can find SO many amazing outfit ideas on there... but (1) everything today is so expensive, and (2) who has time to shop all the time? I certainly don't (although how cool would that be!?)
This outfit reminded me that I need to find a pair of white skinny work pants. I'll scrap those shoes since running around in those after a child down the hallway would never happen... and they're not my style. Now just to find the right work pant... that shouldn't be too hard, right?
This activity would be the perfect listening AND motor skill center for my students. I could turn it into a math lesson too... now my teacher brain is turning!
As I sit here on my computer at 7:27AM on a Saturday morning writing this blog post, both of my dogs are curled at by my legs and feet. This picture reminded me to take some time and hang out with them. They need their mommy and I need them, so less screen time is definitely in the cards this weekend.

If you'd like to link up with us and share your top inspiration this month, head on over to PAWSitively Teaching.

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What is your pinspiration this month?


  1. I love Pinterest, too! :) Some people take coffee breaks, sometimes I have to take Pinterest breaks! :o With Pinterest I can stay in touch with my daughter who is living across the country from me in a doctoral program! We share shoe ideas, recipes, and so much more. The Fall Q-Tip painting projects are fun. It was fun "meeting" you!
    Heather from Mrs. Renz’ Class

  2. I just love the fall tree idea! Thanks for linking up and sharing such great ideas for October!

  3. The fall tree will be perfect to keep my distracted class focused for at least a little while! Those are adorable! Thank you for linking up and sharing! :)