Friday, July 31, 2015

Beliefs to Actions Blog Hop

I have accepted The Challenge from Whitney at With Love From Texas to write down and share my educational beliefs with you.

This will be my 6th year teaching, and I've already run the gamet (is that a word?). I've taught in urban charter schools, urban and suburban public schools, and for programs outside of the traditional classroom. My experiences have definitely help shape the teacher that I am today *all for the good* but my beliefs are something that have not changed.

These are my top 4 teaching beliefs:
My first and foremost teaching belief is that every child can and wants to learn. Economic background, ability level, and all other discriminations aside, every child can and wants to learn. We all have our off days, teachers too... but I strongly believe that the child, deep down, still wants to learn and be at school.
Every day is a new day. Obviously. I believe that it is imperative we start each day with an open mind and an open heart. The rough day you had yesterday doesn't matter now, it was yesterday. Today is today, a new day. I will admit that it can be difficult some mornings and that personal life does sometimes get in the way, but we are there to help shape these young minds who need us and want to learn from us. It's a new day for that student, so that means it needs to be a new day for the teacher too.
I read this quote before, but it's stuck with me ever since. There isn't really much for me to elaborate on, except yes. Every single student is worth of dignity and respect!
Ab-so-LUTELY! Education is a shared responsibility. I don't mean just between the teacher and the student, or the teacher and the parents / guardians / family... it's also the responsibility of the school and district as a whole, as well as the community. As a teacher, we can only do so much during an 8 hour day. The family, school, and community must work together to educate and help the child grow as an individual and functioning member of society.

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What are your teaching beliefs?


  1. Shared responsibility is the key and teamwork is the best.

  2. Education is a shared responsibility! Preach! Love it.

  3. I loved your belief of shared responsibility! I used the term "It takes a village", which includes more than the teacher and students. I also agree with every child can learn. Absolutely. Great post!

  4. Every day IS a new day! This is something that I've said to many of my students no matter what kind of day they have had. Completely agree! :-)