Monday, May 18, 2015

Color Coded Classroom: Color Clips

Sometime over the course of this school year, I decided that color coding my classroom was a must... and it honestly was the best executive classroom decision I made this year.

Well once I got all of my student's art supplies and papers organized into colored cups and boxes, I figured I would try to solve our headphone problem.

I searched WalMart for wall hooks... and let me just tell you how stinkin' expensive they are (especially the larger ones!). I ended up picking out a box, only to stroll past these magnetic bag clips on a side isle display.

It really could not have been any more perfect because they match my Lakeshore bins and cups perfectly. So I grabbed them for $2.97 a set.
Where I wanted to put the headphone storage in my classroom was (and still isn't) magnetic.
Enter Velcro!
I cut a ~1" strip of hard side Velcro to the back of each magnet...
...since I have no need for the magnet and didn't want to waste time picking off the magnet, I just put it right over top of the magnet.
This is what the 2 sets of clips looked like after I applied the Velcro.
I then added the soft side Velcro to the side of our technology cabinet in the classroom. It's right next to our classroom computers and easily accessible to all of my students.
I only have 5 little friends this year. The ear buds definitely store better than the regular headphones, but it's working and I really like it. I can just tell Student "A" to go grab your red headphones and all the student has to do is grab the red clip. Perfection!

How do you store headphones in your classroom?

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  1. Interesting use for these magnets, and I am sure the velcro is much more secure than the magnets. I have a set of these myself, and already had one fall from the board and break. Velcro was smart thinking!
    Burke's Special Kids