Monday, January 27, 2014

Black History Month Craftivity

Two important events are happening next month (which happens to be in a week! Where did January go?!)... the Sochi Winter Olympics and Black History Month.

While you can pick up my HUGE 3-week, fully planned out and ready to go Sochi Winter Olympics unit here, I'm super excited about the craftivity I am going to be making with my students for Black History Month.

Have you ever made a lunch paper bag booklet with your students? I haven't... but I saw a similar idea on Pinterest and decided to put my own spin on it! Let's get started :)

The first thing you need to do is assign each of your students a famous African American, or let them pick from the list provided in the download. To show you (and my students) how to create the craftivity / paper booklet, I chose Jackie Robinson.

I printed out each page of the booklet for a total of 8 pages. I recommend filling out each page using the provided 1-page summary of your person's life, coloring in the pages and then cutting them out. Once each of your students has finished their "research", it's time to assemble the paper bag book!

Each student needs 2 paper lunch bags.

Hamburger fold each paper lunch bag in half.

Put one bag inside the other and staple the middle to create a binding.

Using a glue stick or regular wet glue, glue the open part of the lunch bags together (there should only be 2 openings to glue closed).

Now you're ready to start putting your cut out pages onto the booklet pages!

Once each page is filled out, colored in, cut out and glued in, you should get something like this!

Once all of my students are finished assembling their booklets, I'm going to let them present their famous African American to the class. Because I teach in an urban area, I think it's really important for my students to know more about each of the people and how they contributed to the life my students live today.
I know my students are really going to enjoy working on this. Even though January was very good to, I'm ready to start February just so we can start all of these fun booklets!
You can pick up this mini-unit and craftivity here.

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  1. Found this on Pinterest. :) Awesome idea! This is exactly what I needed for my class.