Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Ideas for Extended School Year ( ESY )

I know that good 'ole Punx Phil didn't see his shadow but 4 days ago, but I am so sad happy! That means Spring is coming, and then Summer... my favorite! Summer means that I get to teach my babies at Extended School Year again.

I can't wait to see them. For the last 2 summers I have had the same class and it is so interesting to see the difference in each of them in just a year's time. How they've matured, what else they've learned, how big they've gotten... and since they were in grade K when I first taught them, I will hopefully get to experience them the whole way up!

Since ESY is a few months again, I have been searching for cute ideas on Pinterest.

Last summer they all knew how to write their names, so I think they would enjoy coloring their own name. 

I'm sure we will be reviewing how to tell time and how to read an analog clock. 

How cute would it be to teach sight words while playing Twister?

Want to see more of my ideas for my personal classroom and ESY? Check out my Pinterest page... you can find a lot of other things too! 

Happy Wednesday -- Friday is around the corner!

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